If you’re passionate about it, there’s a good chance one of our staff is too and needs your help! From going on an international trip, to being involved on a university campus, to helping out with our large-scale sporting events, there’s lots of ways you can JOIN.




AIA has sent thousands of athletes and coaches to over 50 countries in the last 10 years.

Coach Camps

Coach camps

400 locations

Helping university athletes in sport, faith and life.



25+ campuses

Reaching the student athlete with the Gospel

Total Athlete Mentor

total athlete mentor


Help an athlete become a “Total Athlete”

Coaching 4 Life

Coaching 4 Life

local teams

What if all Christian coaches coached in such a way that would inspire athletic growth while also building up those that they coach?

Grey Cup Outreach

grey cup outreach

host city

Every year when CFL teams play for their Championship Trophy AIA is there sharing their message of sport excellence and victory beyond competition.

Team Member


your city

Cornerstone is a unique Christian small group for soccer players.